Transcribed Text of Letter

My name is Sgt Velez and I am one of the NCO’s for a Combat Medic unit out here in Iraq.

I just wanted to say thanks for what you do for us out here. It means a lot to know there’s [sic] folks back home that are thinking about us and supporting us in so many ways.

It never stops to amaze me how there are people like you back home, dedicating your time and efforts in appreciation to soldiers deployed overseas.

Back when I was in collage all I ever cared about was camping and swimming. And here you are, dedicating your dime and efforts to show appreciation to soldiers you will never meet.

You should be Proud [sic] of what you do, and what you represent. Most people sit back at home, enjoying the benefits they have. You have chosen to take what you have and show appreciation for it. I have no doubt that you have brought many smiles to soldiers out here who needed them.

When I first got your package I wasn’t sure what it was. Soon after there where [sic] letters and cards posted all over our working area. I must admit some of them where heart warming others where [sic] so cute in their innocence.

If you don’t mind, Id [sic] like to share 2-3 that I had to photocopy and take to some friends in other units.

One, written by a child, says “thank you soldiers for what you do (it shows a dozen soldiers lying dead on the ground in pools of blood and a few more still fighting) And it says in the bottom, my daddy and brother are safe because of you.”

Another letter starts, “ dear soldiers, if your reading this GOOD Job, it means your not dead” also written in crayons. I loved that one, its true!

And the best one, the one we keep here in our TOC, says “ Deer soldiers I respekt what you do over there, helping Iraqy pepul ( I hope)”

I took half the box and gave it to the combat stress team, I know they will share it with those that needs it the most.

So again, thank you for your kindness towards us out here.