Transcribed Text of Letter

On behalf of LTC Swartz and myself, I want to thank you for spearheading “” We received a box full of wonderful cards today from kids from all over the country, basically “thanking” our soldiers for answering the call to duty. I must say that some of their personal notes are heart-wrenching. They have wisdom well beyond their years of age. All of these cards, given from the heart, truly lift the spirits of our soldiers. Given that most of us are from Maine, being 5,000 miles away from home is difficult. These cards make us feel like we have families everywhere.

The sacrifice that our soldiers and their families are making to fight the “War on Terrorism” in Afghanistan is significant. I can assure you, however, that their collective sacrifice has not gone unnoticed and is deeply appreciated. Compensating for such sacrifice is nearly impossible; yet, a reward does exist. The reward is having our soldiers and families know that they are helping the Afghan people realize a dream. The dream is that they’ll be free from terror someday and that they’ll enjoy the freedoms, rights and privileges that we have as Americans. Personally, I know of no greater reward.

Shauna, I want you to know that you are right on with your program. Soldiers need to know that support exists for them on the home front, even from children who may not know the ramifications of war. Support from the home front keeps our soldiers in the right mindset to stay focused on their missions.

God bless you for your vision, kind thoughts and certainly, big heart.