Transcribed Text of Letter

Thank you for your thought and consideration! Your support and patriotism has helped strengthen the resolve of our Marines. It’s people like you that keep the Marines motivated and proud to serve our country.

I am pleased to inform you that things are going well here in our area of operations. This is our unit’s fourth deployment to Iraq and the second to the same area. The Marines enjoy seeing the progress that is being made. I was her back in 2003, fighting our way in. Now we spend most of our time getting the Iraqis back on their feet. Our mission now is to rebuild the city by providing fuel, clean water, electricity, and security to the people. Stores and restaurants are now open. There are actually playgrounds full of children. The locals are out greeting us and giving us the thumbs up. The people are approachable and friendly towards our patrols. It feels very positive here and things are going in the right direction. We’re about half-way through our deployment. My job is to keep the Marines focused on their mission and vigilant; ready to smash our enemy should he try to take back the ground. The Marines will not let America down.

A little about me: I’m from San Diego, born and raised. I graduated from San Diego State University and went on to become an officer in the marine Corps. It’s been a good life; tough, but always rewarding. When I’m not deployed or at work, I spend most of my time surfing or working on the house and cars. I’ve been married for seven years and have a six year old son. We are expecting another son in two months… wish I could be there! I look forward to getting back to my family, but know that I have a job to do. The Marines are performing flawlessly, and it has been a privilege to command them.

Thank you again. Please know that your support has significantly raised the morale of our Marines.