Name: SSgt Patrique Fearon

Branch of Service: U.S. Marine Corps

Age: 29

Deployment: Afghanistan

Wish: Reliable Vehicle With Room For His Children






100 %

of Goal Raised


Description of Injury:

Staff Sergeant Patrique Fearon was recently medically retired after 10.5 years in the Marine Corps. A major injury in an IED blast -- not the first IED blast he experienced -- in his 2010 deployment had residual effects on his life and has severely affected his family.

In November 2010 he was attached to the 3rd Battalion, 5th Marines. On a routine insert with the sniper team at 0300 he was the lead sweeper using a metal detector to look for IEDs as the Combat engineer. He was walking ahead of the team when they approached a channel of water. As they approached he remained in front and told everyone to keep their distance. As he was attempting to clear the area, he lost his footing. He reached out and grabbed for a branch as the IED detonated. He was thrown into the water and knocked unconscious. When he came to he could not see out of his right eye or hear, his ear was bleeding and his face and arm were numb and tingling. He was treated for his wounds in Afghanistan and, at his request, returned to his team.

SSgt Fearon also received a Bronze Star and Citation for conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity in action against the enemy during an incident in 2011.

Although retired from service, SSgt Fearon continues to receive treatment for the injuries sustained that day, as well as other issues. His challenges include TBI, migraines, numbness on right side of the face and body, and PTSD. All his symptons from his deployments have hindered his family life and his ability to better his life as a whole.


SSgt Fearon's wish is for a reliable vehicle. It doesn't have to be new -- he just wants to know that he would be able to have this vehicle to get his family around without wondering when it's going to break down. His wife is a full time student pursuing a veterinary degree. They have only one serviceable vehicle. With another vehicle, his wife could concentrate on her schooling, while SSgt Fearon could transport their kids to school, etc. It would also encourage his independence to overcome his combat PTSD issues. The vehicle would also allow for him to successfully complete his work around his family farm!