Name: 1stLt Jeremy Spray

Branch of Service: U.S. Marine Corps

Age: 32

Deployment: Iraq

Wish: Xbox Gaming Console For Quality Time With Family






100 %

of Goal Raised


Description of Injury:

First Lieutenant Jeremy Spray enlisted in the Marine Corps in September 2003 and was deployed to Iraq. He returned home in 2005 but was redeployed to Iraq in 2006 on an Individual Augmentation billet. His unit was responsible for security patrols through Al Anbar Province, the Quick Reaction Force for Camp Fallujah, and guarding two pump houses that served as the water source for the miltary camp.

On April 8, 2006, in the second month of his redeployment, his unit was conducting their second mounted security patrol in the Area of Operation (AO) for that day. 1st Lt Spray was serving as the lead vehicle machine gunner. At approximately 1500 local time they were making their way down a gravel road and began to top a hill, traveling at approximately 10 MPH. Once they crested the hill, their vehicle struck a pressure plate-initiated IED. It was later determined that the IED was a triple stack bomb comprising two 155mm rounds and a 122mm round. It completely blew off the front of the truck, blew the ballistic wind shield on the passenger side, and threw the entire .50 caliber machine gun, ammo, ammo tray, and steel shield 50 meters behind the truck. These items struck 1st Lt Spray in the shoulder as they flew by his head.

Three in the truck sustained injuries. 1st Lt Spray sustained schrapnel to the lower left leg and major abrasions to the left arm. He was evacuatd to the Fallujah surgical where he spent three weeks recovering, and then was released to his unit where he remainend on light duty for another month, and returned to duty once all the wounds were healed and the stitches removed. He returned home in September 2006, where he met his three month old daughter for the first time.


First Lieutenant Spray is a dedicated family man and is passionate about spending time with his young children. His wish is for an Xbox gaming console and a few games. He and his kids want the Disney Infinity game with the little characters, the New Madden game, and Mario Cart. He knows that playing these fun games with his kids will provide a great deal of family bonding time!