Name: SSG Justin Lindley

Branch of Service: Army

Age: 29

Deployment: Iraq

Wish: Pool Table






100 %

of Goal Raised


Wish Granted:

Description of Injury:

I was injured during my last deployment in 2008-2009 in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. I am artillery, but served mostly in an infantry position. With the amount of live firefights, the multiple IED attacks and missions that involved digging up and carrying 100+ pound missiles, my back completely gave out. An insurgent also stabbed me in the leg during a raid. I refused to leave my soldiers behind as I told them we would all come home together and I intended to keep my promise. It wasn't until after I got back stateside that I found out just how bad my back really was. I had several ruptured and bulged discs, along with nerve damage. I ended up giving to have emergency surgery; a double spinal fusion and laminectomy. I still have other bulged discs in my c-spine, but I can't have another surgery until after my first surgery is completely healed. Along with my spinal problems, I also have severe PTSD, a fractured ankle, broken calcaneus, ganglion cyst in my knee, fibromyalgia, anxiety, depression, sleep apnea, disc degenerative disease partial hearing loss, partial loss of vision, chronic migraine headaches and several other smaller injuries. I have been hospitalized for suicide watch on two occasions and I see my doctors weekly for PTSD treatment, pain management and routine care.


My wish is for a pool table. I know this may sound odd - out of everything a soldier could wish for - but this would be a tremendous help for me! Prior to joining the military, I was involved in several pool tournaments, I LOVE to play pool. However, most of these pool tournaments were in bars. Sadly, I ended up becoming an alcoholic. After meeting my now wife and joining the military, I was luckily able to give up alcohol and become sober once again. However, I do miss playing pool! My wife has tried to take me to pool halls, but they are so crowded and with my injuries and PTSD, it isn't a good environment for me. Overall, with all of my injuries and PTSD, I have pretty much given up on all of my "hobbies". I am either unable to do them because of my physical limitations or because I have simply lost interest in them. This is true for everything except for pool! So this is where my wish comes in - I would love nothing better than to be able to play pool in the comfort and safety of my own home!

Thank you for taking the time to read my wish!