Name: SFC Tara Hutchinson

Branch of Service: U.S. Army

Age: 39

Deployment: Iraq

Wish: Branding & Packaging Designed For Her Small Business






100 %

of Goal Raised


Description of Injury:

During SFC Hutchinson's ten year career with the U.S. Army, she was a Military Police Officer and deployed to Iraq. On Valentine's Day 2006, an explosive device was detonated next to her vehicle while she was in Baghdad. Her entire right leg was instantly severed as a result of the blast and the severe blood loss from her injuries caused part of her brain to die, leaving her, still to this day, with a movement disorder. She suffered 3rd-degree burns on her body including her left leg where her boot melted to her skin in the heat of the explosion. Due to the short length of her residual limb, complications arose when she was initially fitted for her prosthetic, leaving her wheelchair bound. She is currently being treated at the VA for PTSD, depression and nerve pain.


In the thick of her recovery, SFC Hutchinson's therapist suggested that she find a hobby that would help to improve her fine motor skills. SFC Hutchinson decided to try making jewelry for her friends and family. Once she attempted to make jewelry, she knew it was her calling. SFC Hutchinson excelled at making her own jewelry and slowly started her own business and ran it out of her garage. Each day, SFC Hutchinson practiced and the art of making jewelry and it almost made her movement disorder disappear. Her burning passion is to create jewelry and empower women with her story and her jewelry! As her small business has grown, SFC Hutchinson needs to develop proper branding and packaging to be able to sell her jewelry at various shows and pop-up events in her area. There is a great demand for her product and she needs the professional touch of proper branding and packaging to really make her business flourish. Additionally, SFC Hutchinson needs other marketing collateral to continue developing the professional reputation that she has worked so hard to develop.