Name: Sergeant Juan Mendez

Branch of Service: Marines

Age: 34

Deployment: OIF / Iraq

Wish: Baby Nursery To Welcome Home His Newborn Child






100 %

of Goal Raised


Wish Granted:

Description of Injury:

Sgt. Mendez had multiple deployments with the Marine Corps over a 12-year career, including squad leader with 1st Battalion, 1st Marines in Fallujah, Iraq as part of OIF, and Platoon Sergeant for Regional Commander Security Detachment, 5th Marine Regiment in Iraq, and others. He is a recipient of several personal decorations for military service. He was medically dicharged in 2011 after being diagnosed with PTSD, TBI and several other physical and psychological injuries as a direct result of enemy combat.


Though Sgt. Mendez is home safe, his disabilities continue to make work difficult, placing a financial strain and taking an emotional toll on his family. He and his fiance are expecting their second child and his wish is to provide them both with a "baby nursery" when they return home from the hospital. He wishes to provide them basic items such as a crib, bedding, changing table, stroller, infant swing, diapers, etc. The granting of this simple wish will provide Sgt. Mendez the peace of mind knowing that his newborn baby and fiance are safe, comfortable, and well provided for!