Name: Cpl Casey Schaubschlager

Branch of Service: Marine Corps

Age: 32

Deployment: Iraq

Wish: Ultimate NASCAR Experience

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Wish Granted:

Thank you to Auto Club Speedway and NASCAR for helping to grant this wish!

Description of Injury:

My name is Casey Schaubschlager and I served in the United States Marine Corps from 2002-2006.

I graduated from boot camp at Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton in San Diego, CA. After boot camp, I received my Infantry Training and then completed marine Security Forces School in Norfolk, VA. My first duty station was with the anti-terrorism division 2nd Marine Expeditionary Force, 4th Marine Battalion in Bahrain. As part of anti-terrorism operations, I participated in Operation Southern Watch and Operation Iraqi Freedom. I received training in martial arts, scuba and heavy machine guns. I also served on two ships and a submarine.

In between deployments, I returned stateside for four months and was given orders again in 2004 to deploy to Ramadi, Iraq. One of our unit’s tasks was to defend the Cities Government Center where the Iraqi people could vote in an election for the first time in over fifty years. During this deployment, we sustained 68% casualties in the first four months all while engaging in house to house fighting. We encountered constant, well-coordinated, ambushes by the enemy with multiple attacks including RPGs, IEDs, small arms fire and sniper fire.

In 2004 I was stationed at ‘Hurricane Point’ which was an outpost of the 2nd Battalion 5th Marines during Operation Iraqi Freedom. During a patrol, I was in the turret of a humvee. As our platoon was moving back toward Hurricane Point, my vehicle was struck by an intense artillery shell and I was immediately unconscious.

Upon being hit, our vehicle was engulfed in a cloud of smoke and shrapnel. My Marines returned fire as the vehicle I was in had to be rigged for tow back to Hurricane Point and they alerted the Battalion Aid Station that I was on the way. My Platoon Commander and others had to physically remove my body from the nearly incapacitated humvee. When I was being treated at the Battalion Aid Station, I could not hear anything anyone was saying. My eardrums were perforated and I was diagnosed with a severe concussion. Further diagnosis confirmed that I have sensorial hearing loss as a result of the blast. I also have severe TBI (traumatic brain injury) and PTSD along with ongoing problems as a result of my numerous broken bones and dislocated hip. The injuries I sustained were so bad that I was mistakenly pronounced deceased and my Mom was alerted to the news. Thankfully that wasn’t the case but the road to recovery has proven to be a difficult one.

Some of my service awards include the following:

Operation Iraqi Freedom medal with Bronze Star
Global War on Terrorism Service Medal
Combat Action Ribbon
Presidential Unit Citation
The Frence Fourragere
Naval Unity Accomodation
National Defense Ribbon
Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal


I have been the biggest NASCAR fan for my entire life. Growing up in Bakersfield, CA I have followed a lot of the NASCAR drivers as they many of them come from the Bakersfield area. One of my favorite drivers is Kevin Harvick. I currently attend the University of Phoenix and work for an organization that counsels and helps combat veterans return to civilian life. I haven’t been able to experience a NASCAR race as my wife and I work hard each and everyday. My wish is to attend a NASCAR race and have the ultimate experience during race day! I would love to meet some of the drivers and see the race close-up and in-person. I’d love to explore the track and be in the pits. Experiencing a race up close would be a dream come true!