Q: Is A Million Thanks a 501c3 organization?

A: Yes, A Million Thanks is a federally recognized, tax-exempt 501c3 organization, EIN number 26-0361789.


Q: How long has A Million Thanks been operating?

A: A Million Thanks was founded in 2004 and has been driving initiatives to support and thank our troops since that time. To read our full bio and history, please click here. (take them to bio)


Q: How do you decide where to send the letters?

A: We receive military addresses from family, friends, and military themselves. We send a box of about 1,000 letters to an individual service member who then distributes the letters to his/her unit. If you would like to submit an address, please click here. (take them to the page that they can submit an address)


Q: Can I donate to one of your three missions specifically?

A: Yes! Go to our donate page and you will have the option to direct all or a designated amount of your donation to whichever mission you’d like.


Q: My company would like to get involved with A Million Thanks. How do we do that?

A: A Million Thanks is always looking for great partners and sponsors to spread the word and get others involved. Please contacts us and we will provide you with some great ways to get involved, on a small or large level!



What We're About

A Million Thanks Organization

Mission Statement – A Million Thanks provides support and appreciation to our active and veteran military men and women through sending letters and granting betterment of life wishes, as well as providing higher education scholarships to their children

From Military – Want to know what our troops think of your acts of support and appreciation? Click here to find out!