How do I apply for a wish?

Members of the U.S. Armed Forces who were injured on or after October 7, 2001 (the beginning of the War on Terrorism) can request an “Application for Wish Grant”



If I was wounded in a war prior to the beginning of the War on Terrorism (October 7, 2001) am I eligible for a wish?

AMT’s charitable purposes, as approved by the IRS, are aimed at providing aid for service men and women who were injured in the War on Terrorism. Unfortunately, those who were injured prior to that date are not eligible for our program.



What is the process if I am selected?

If your wish is one that is selected by our review committee to be posted, you will receive notification via certified mail and/or telephone of your approval. Additional paperwork will be sent to you and your story posted on our web site. This process may take up to 30 days. Wishes are granted once the amount needed for the wish to be granted is reached.



Can a wounded Service Member ask for cash to pay off their debts?

A Million Thanks’ Grant A Wish campaign is designed to improve the overall quality of life and is not intended to grant cash to individuals for assistance with debt. Therefore, the wish that is requested should be one that will assist with improving individual and/or family life, but not debt relief.



What kinds of wishes can I ask for?

Special devices, career improvement and living area improvement are some examples of the wish areas that may be granted.



Do I need to send a photo of myself?

Those applicants selected will be required to submit a recent photo of themselves. It can be a head, partial or full body shot. The photo will accompany the story behind the injury and wish request.



Will I have to pay income tax on the wish?

A Million Thanks does not offer legal or tax advice.  Since laws vary state to state, please consult your tax professional prior to submitting your wish. A Million Thanks, Inc., cannot be responsible if the wish that is granted results in tax liability.  You will be solely responsible for any tax positions and any resulting tax liability in connection with any granted wish.



How long does it take to get my wish granted if I am selected?

Wishes that are granted when the donation amount needed to grant the wish is reached. Depending on the amount needed, public generosity and kind of story and injury, there is no real way to determine the time frame.



How do you select those who will have their wishes granted?

Once the application is received, the Grant Review Committee will screen and verify the information received. Follow up with the applicant, doctors, hospitals, friends and family may also be a part of the review. The submission of a wish application is not a guarantee that the wish will be posted or granted. The eligibility, and criteria for granting a wish is the sole and final decision of the A Million Thanks organization. A wish may also be denied for any or no reason.


Where do I send my application once it has been completed?

Mail completed application to -

Mail completed application to -
A Million Thanks
Attn: Grant A Wish/Fund A Scholar

4590 MacArthur Blvd, Ste 500
Newport Beach, CA 92660


and/or email:    Include "GRANT A WISH APPLICATION" in the subject line



Download Application for a Wish



Wish Grant Award Policies & Procedures



Confidentiality Policy for Awards